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Poison Control Center

Hunter and Scout's Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

Lead poisoning commonly affects children. But this type of poisoning is 100% preventable. Our Hunter and Scout’s Lead Poisoning Program focuses on education on lead poisoning for children and designed for empowering teachers, parents and other caregivers to teach children effective prevention measures.

Lead poisoning’s effects on the body can be devastating. In addition to lowering a child’s IQ, it can cause multiple physical symptoms that jeopardize the quality of life and life expectancy for children.

Lead can be found in many products that children ingest or come into contact with. Lead can often be found in the paint on walls and woodwork inside a dwelling or other type of building. It may also be found in the paint and contents of children’s products, including toys. It can even be in the soil that children play in.

We will provide you with the facts and resources you need to educate your students and loved ones.

Visit our lead poisoning page for more information.

Sign up to join our Scout and Hunter’s lead poisoning prevention program by filling out the form below.

This program provides helpful, educational tools about lead poisoning, including a fun video hosted by Hunter and Scout. We welcome your participation in this important program.

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