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Kansas Poison Center's Feedback & Testimonials

The Kansas Poison Center is routinely looking to improve our communication and customer service. All callers have the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience with the specific poison specialist they spoke to and the recommendations provided. This information is important to us for quality improvement and is tracked for our accreditation. Below are some examples of feedback and testimonials shared about our service.


“The lady on the line was extremely helpful. She set me at ease. Wasn’t judgmental of the situation. Even called back to check on us.”

“I have 3 children. 14, 13 and 2. This was my first time calling for my 2-year-old and I was pleasantly greeted, which instantly helped with my nerves. She listened to me, asked great questions and called back not once but twice at the properly obvious times to check on him. Great first experience!

“The phone calls to follow up on my status provided such reassurance. This is a valuable service provided.”

“So grateful for poison control. They gave me fast, concise steps to help my son and even followed up to check on him. Gave me peace of mind that I was doing the right thing and they were calm and so helpful. Thank you!”

“This was our first experience with the poison center, and the lady who helped made us feel very comfortable with the situation. She even called back a couple hours later to check up on things and she was very friendly, kind and professional. We won't hesitate to reach out if there are any issues in the future.”

Have you recently called the Kansas Poison Center?

Please take a moment to provide feedback about the service you received. We value your call to the poison center and are always working to improve our service. We greatly appreciate your time and input.


“The woman I spoke with was very caring and reassuring. I couldn’t have got through that terrible moment without her.”

“Incredible experience. Thank you so much.”

“Anita was kind, patient and very specific in getting all the information and doing a really thorough job. I felt very safe and calm when I talked with her, and she made me feel comfortable and confident in her advice and care. Thank you!”

“The woman who helped me called me back 2 hours later just to check on us – it gave me so much comfort and I am so grateful for her! Thank you for providing your services!”

“Jessica was beyond helpful. She not only saved a trip to the emergency room, she also gave piece of mind.”

“My child is on the spectrum and has eaten many bad things over the last 5 years. The poison center line has been there every time with kindness and clear information to help me make the decision to seek further care or not. This is truly an invaluable service.”

“Appreciated that I was not alone in the situation and had a knowledgeable and calm person to help walk me through how to best care for my child.”

“It saved us a trip to the ER. Got the answers we needed right away and peace of mind.”

“Our specialist was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. We really appreciated the time she took to fully answer our questions and concerns. She helped us all sleep through the night. Thank you for being there!”

“The gentlemen I spoke with was great! He seemed to have a very caring manner about him, and my son was not just a number on the computer. He was so easy to work with and talk to. There was no lecture or judgment that my child had got into something he wasn't supposed to, like you deal with some people. I appreciated him so much!”

“I’m so glad this option is available. I called the on-call doctor, but it was 20 minutes before I was called back, this was immediate! This service is irreplaceable! Thank you”

“Doyle was such a comforting, supportive help. He educated me on what to expect after accidentally doubling my dose of pain pills. I'm a new cancer patient. He called me back twice until he knew a family member was on the way to me. So grateful.”

“I was very impressed with the help I received from the poison center. I felt the information was thorough and I understood what to look for. I even received a call 2 days later to see how my baby was doing (brown recluse spider bite). I was very grateful to be able to contact a professional and get help so quickly. Thank you!”