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Poisonings don't take a vacation

In fact, they might even be more likely! Poisonings don’t take a vacation; they happen 365 days a year. When traveling, you are at an increased risk of poisoning. Daily routines are interrupted and you’re in different environments. When you are visiting places that aren’t your usual environment, medicines, cleaners and other potential poisons may not be stored in the way you and your family are used to. Follow these tips to stay safe:

  • Although trips are times to relax, ensure children are always supervised. Poisonings happen quickly, so it’s important to have at least one adult supervising children. Children may be more interested in exploring a space they aren’t used to.
  • It’s important to continue safe storage practices when traveling. Medicines, personalcare products and cleaning products should all be stored up, away and out of sight. If you are hosting travelers, offer your guests a safe place to store their items that is up, away and out of sight.

Call the 24-Hour Poison Help Line for Additional Support: