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Safe Medicine Disposal


Disposal of unused or expired medicine can reduce the risk of others taking the medication accidentally or misusing it intentionally. The best way to dispose of unused or expired medicines is to take medications to a medicine drop box, collection site or take-back event. Click here to find a take-back option near you or call 1-800-222-1222.

If you do not have a medicine take-back option near you or you can’t get to it promptly, check the FDA’s flush list.

On the Flush List: Immediately flush these medicines down the toilet.

Call the 24-Hour Poison Help Line for Additional Support:


Not on the Flush List

Follow these instructions to discard your medicine in your trash at home:

  1. Mix the medicines with an undesirable substance such as dirt, kitty litter or used coffee grounds.
  2. Place mixture in a sealable container. Throw the container in your household trash.
  3. Remove personal information and dispose of empty bottles.

Safe Medical Disposal

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